Cobra R9 – First Impression

Cobra R9 Crossbow

Love at the first sight is someting that happens only a few time in your life..if it happens at all. And how often can you say that love at the second sight is even better now you have had the chance for a closer look? Well, today something like this has happend to me.

When I saw the first picture of the Cobra R9, it was love at the first sight. But today I have been able to play around with this new crossbow. Although it was a pre- production model, it really looked great!

So what are we talking about?

We are talking about the Cobra R9. It is the successor of the most populair crossbow pistol ever, the Cobra made by Poe Lang Enterprise. But it is a whole lot more than just a successor! It is the missing link between a crossbow pistol and a fast cocking carabine crossbow. It is Fast, Versatile and Field Tested. There are three main parts on the full-version,

  • The pistol body
  • The Limb system
  • The optional AR-Style Stock

So Why is it so special?

Cobra R9 kruisboogpistoolThis crossbow (pistol) is really going to be a game changer. It will set a new standard. It will not only change the way we think about crossbow design, it wil change the things we excpect from a modern crossbow. Again why?

  • Modulair system that can be take down within 30 seconds
  • UnderLever Cocking system
  • Change it from pistol to carabine in 5 seconds
  • You can cock it while shouldered for fast repetitive shooting
  • Large accessory line
  • Various mounting options for accessory

Modulair system

The modulair system of the R9 will allow you to take the crossbow apart in jus a few seconds. You can easily take of the whole limb system (with te string mounted on the limbs). This allows easy transportation. The optional Ar-Style stock can also be placed on the pistol within seconds. This allows you to transfer the pistol into a carabine for more stabile shooting.

Underlever Cocking System

The underlever cocking system makes sure that everyone can cock this crossbow. I will bet that even a 12 years old kid can manage this. You can even cock this bow while it is shouldered.This is a huge advantage because you can keep your eyes on the target and shoot several bolts at the same time. Everyone can cock this crossbow so it is suited for youngsters, female shooters and of course for yourself!

From pistol to carabine

initially it has been designd as a crossbow pistol and definitely it will work as a fast shooting pistol. But, due to te underlever system it will feel a litte front heavy. Something you have to get used to. But after installing the AR stock, this thing really gets into balance. Due to the double locking system, it makes a sturdy connection.

Fast repetitive shooting

Because you can cock this crossbow when it is shouldered, you can keep your eyes on the target and fire multiple bolts on it. This will not only help you when shooting at fast moving targets,but also keeps you focused while shooting at a target face. Whatever the situation is, you will always keep situational awareness, and being able to shoot fast!


This crossbow has been prepaired to mount several accessories. On the frontend of the barrel are two weaver/picatinny rails mounted on both sides. Ik makes it easy to put a flashlight and a laser onto your crossbow. Then there is also a weaver/picatinny rails mounted under the crossbow. Ideal for mounting an extra foregrip or bipod.

The only thing that I do not like is the plastic red-dot. 


The R9 cobra wil suit everyone. Whether you are looking for a crossbow for taget practice, fun shooting, hunting, or for a tactical style crossbow for in your bugout bag, this one will do the job!







8 reacties op “Cobra R9 – First Impression

    • Kruisboog Specialist Jeroen zegt:

      Hello Mark,

      When I wrote this review, it was not shure if the package would come with aluminum or carbon bolts. That ’s also the reason I did not know the actual FPS.
      I now know the package will com with:
      90 LBS
      240 FPS
      7.5 inch Carbon Bolts.

      The deluxe version will come with an entry level(crappy) Red Dot Sight, and the basis version with mechanical sight.
      Any questions, let me know! ^Jeroen

  1. Mark Watts zegt:

    Thanks for your reply, iam still going to buy this because i like the way it loads. But its disappointing power is also an issue as the previous pistol Xbows shoot 235FPS and are smaller and MUCH cheaper. It says it shoots a much heavier weighted bolt than the old pistols but AT 160 GRAINS its the same= 10 grams. In the video it shoots a water bottle and sticks in it…my old cheap pistolxbow shoots THOUGH 6 of these! But i cannot really tell whats it is like untill i get in in the field?

  2. chris zegt:

    Cobra and all other pistol crossbows advertised as 80lbs are way off ( except for the hori-zone redback which actually has a draw weight of 80lbs) their measured draw weight is closer to 50lbs.
    So this one being advertised as 90, will most likely fall short by quite a margin, probably closer to 60. and for a bow that size and weight, it would be a bit disappointing

  3. Mark zegt:

    Just got mine…very weak=no power!! My £35 pistol crossbow is more than double the power of this toy and the bolts are like Mc Donalds straws cheap n nasty !! Its too heavy and it all rattles then when you pull the trigger theres a LOUD BANG!! I plan to put my 80lb prod in it as this one has no tension ….you can ONLY use their bolts cos they have fitted a rail that will ONLY fit their flimsey ones! You can hunt with it…….IF you can find an insect small enough.

    • Kruisboog Specialist Jeroen zegt:

      Hello Mark, Obviously there must be something wrong with your R9. I Ithink it is best to contact your dealer with this issue.

  4. Mark zegt:

    No nothing wrong..ive been into Xbows for a very long time and have a spare room full of all kinds of them …so i would know if there was a fault with it. To be honest i kinda had a feeling it was slow by the video but its VERY slow..but why did i still buy it?? Because, as you know the power comes from the limb so im just gonna put an upgrade one in.

  5. Paul zegt:

    Did you get a new limb for it in the end and how did it work? Accuracy wise it’s ok as close range 15 years approx 2-3″ but at 30+ yards it’s much bigger approx 12″. I think the bolts are too light in even a light breeze. I’ll lock at making some aluminium ones. The carbon ones are quite robust but flights are rubbish and damage easily.

    The xbow itself is good, it’s solid in the shoulder and light and compact. It does make a noise when cocking but it’s to be expected it’s made of steel.

    Accuracy is the biggest issue at longer range, cocking is easy and nicely made. A heavier prod and aluminum arrows with proper flights would increase accuracy.

    I cannot hunt with it due to law, but it’s powerful enough for small game up to 20 yards more due to accuracy than power.

    Great idea needs a little work to make it into an awesome bow, just needs manning up a little for purpose and those that can hunt with them.

    Yes the bottle video was a little disturbing ?


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