Cobra RX adder Crossbow Review

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Cobra RX adder Crossbow

Today I was given the opportunity to test the new Cobra RX Adder crossbow. It is the first modern crossbow with a magazine of 5 bolts.

This means that you can shoot multiple bolts as fast as you can cock it and switch te safety lever to fire.

What is it all about?

It is the Cobra Rx 130LBS crossbow with a magazine. You can place 5 bolts in the magazine and then shoot it repeatedly. This gives the hunter an opportunity for a fast second shot, or makes this crossbow perfect for fast target shooting and action shooting. The magazine system was invented by Joerg Sprave and adopted by EK Archery for production.

First Thoughts

At first I had a few thoughts about this crossbow. It seemed a little bulky from picture and I was wondering if the red-dot sight on top of the magazine would perform. I was afraid that it might be placed to high for comfortabel eye-sight. Or that mounting it on top of the magazine would cause adjustment problems for the sight.

At First Glance

At first Glance out of the box, this crossbow dit not look bulky at all. Though it’s a little higher than the regular R9, the new stock makes it in balance. This adjustable stock is a little bit thicker than the regular one and gives extra support to the cheek. You can also adjust the length so it will fit perfectly.

The magazine

Installing the magazine is easy once you know how to do it.

  • place the limb on the crossbow
  • put the magazine on the trigger box
  • slide the magazine backwords to the trigger box so that the front rails slides into position.
  • load 5 bolts into the magazine
  • Start shooting
  • Be aware that after cocking you need to push the safety lever into the fire position each time

It is a top loading magazine and you can only load it with bolts after it is installed on the crossbow. So you are not able to change magazine’s for reloading. You haf to re-fill it with bolts after 5 shots.

Red Dot on Top

I thought that te red-dot on top would not be perfect. I thought that it might be to high to see trough. Or that it would not be adjustable to shoot on short range. Both of my thougts proved to be wrong.

  • the second generation red-dot on the Cobra RX Adder was on a comfortable height although on top of the magazine
  • It was fully adjustable on the short and longer range

repeatedly shooting

Once the RX Adder is loaded with the 5 bolts, you can shoot as fast as you can cock it. And as fast as you can put the safety lever at fire after cocking. It will be on save after every time you cock it. Might be disturbing but safety precautions are there for a reason. I was able to shoot extremely fast and acurate after a few try-outs.

The 130 LBS Limb system makes that this crossbow shoots at 270FPS so it i really, really fast!

Some Specs

  • 130 LBS
  • 270 FPS
  • 5 bolt magazine
  • Gen 2 Red-Dot
  • Take-down crossbow
  • AR Style Stock
  • Multiple rails
  • Foregrip

For Who?

The RX Adder is THE crossbow for the fast target shooter, action shooter, hunter and prepper!

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